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Posted March 2020

High Wind Speeds at Sherborne Lake

To clarify to our members when Sherborne Castle Estate closes the lake to anglers to fish due to high winds and when the estate is reopened please take note of the following.

1.     If the BBC Weather App is forecasting wind speeds of 40mph plus  the estate will be closed to all anglers etc that day and will remain closed until the wind speeds forecast on the BBC weather app are below 40mph for the next complete day.

2.     A risk Assessment will be undertaken on the day the wind speeds forecast are below 40mph by Sherborne Castle Estate and as long as they are happy to reopen, anglers will be able to enter the estate to fish after 10:00am that day.

3.     Directly before making your journey to fish Sherborne Lake always check the BBC Weather App for high winds.

4.     If in doubt don’t fish and please observe the rule regarding no angler is to contact the estate.

Posted August 2019

Sherborne Castle Estate Risk Assessment 

All Sherborne Lake Members. Please read and understand the Risk Assessment Document produced by Sherborne Castle Estate. This can be found by clicking on the Venues tab then Lakes.


Posted March 2019

Lake Closed to Anglers during High Winds

In the event of High Winds Sherborne Castle Estate will be closed to all members of the public for their own safety due to the possibility to falling trees and branches.

This means that the lake will also be closed to all anglers.

High Winds are classified as winds of 40mph and above.


Guideline to Stop Spreading of Disease

To safe guard our fish stock and reduce the risk of transferring disease from one water to another, the most effective way of counteracting this is to ensure all nets, weigh slings, unhooking mats, Boots and Clothing etc are completely dry before use. All anglers fishing our waters must comply with this so that we can keep the spread of disease to a minimum.






- 23/06/22
To View Our Additional Rules for Covid19 including Entry/Exit Times and where to Fish, Please Scroll Down for Details. Social Distancing at All Times................................... Match - Sherborne Lake - Date Sunday 26th June. Draw 8.00am. Fish 9.00am - 3.00pm. Pegs allocated 14 - 36. Points Match. Contact Match Secretary for Details. Please Note - 2 Net Rule Applies and Covid Rules to be respected..............