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Sherborne Lake

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Fish Stocked 2011

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Stocking of Fish in Sherborne Lake

March 2011 - Stocked 360lb of Bream between 1lb to 3lb

                       Stocked 650lb Carp to 3lb from Halfway House Pond

March 2012 - Stocked 310lb of Bream between 1lb to 3lb plus approx 100 Tench 10″ long

Feb 2013 - Stocked 300lb of Bream between 1lb to 2lb

March 2016 - Stocked 180lb of Bream up to 1.5lb and 100lb of Tench up to 2lb. Most Bream were 12oz skimmers and Tench in the 6oz to 12oz size.

March 2017 - Stocked 100lb of Bream up to 1.5lb and 160lb of Tench up to 3lb. Most tench were in the 6oz to 1lb size and the Bream mainly 12oz skimmers.

March 2018 - Stocked 170lb of Bream between 10oz to 1lb and 100lb of Tench beween 6oz to 10oz. There were a few better specimens of Bream and Tench.

Feb 2019 - Stocked 380lb of Bream between 8oz to 1lb (approx 700 fish)

March 2020 - Stocked 380lb of Bream between 8oz to 1lb (approx 700 fish)


Sherborne Lake Closed - 24/03/20
Due to the restrictions put into place by Boris Johnson, Sherborne Castle Estate is Closed to the Public. This means that Sherborne Lake is closed for fishing to all Anglers. We hope you will all understand and thank you for your co-operation.