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Match Results 2014



Sunday 23rd March 2014  (9 Fished)

1st        Alex Murray           26lb   0oz     Peg 36

2nd       Kev Breaker           18lb  12oz     Peg 30

3rd       Gary Dowding         11lb   2oz     Peg 32


Sunday 13th April 2014  (12 Fished)

 1st       Alex Murray           21lb  11oz     Peg 12

2nd       Kev Breaker           14lb  14oz     Peg 22

3rd       Dave Abrams           9lb    6oz      Peg 19

4th       Phil Jenkins              9lb    4oz      Peg 28


 Sunday 27th April 2014  (11 Fished)

 1st       Dave Abrams         45lb   8oz      Peg 32

2nd       Nigel Garrett          21lb  11oz     Peg 28

3rd       Kev Breaker            19lb   7oz      Peg 19

4th       Phil Jenkins             12lb   1oz      Peg 27


 Sunday 11th May 2014  (9 Fished)

 1st       Chris Rowland        7lb   8oz      Peg 9

2nd       Gary Skarin             6lb   4oz      Peg 2

3rd       Phil Jenkins              5lb   2oz     Peg 8


 Sunday 15th June 2014  (12 Fished)

 1st       Alex Murray           30lb   3oz     Peg 21

2nd       Nigel Garrett           20lb   9oz     Peg 30

3rd       Dave Abrams          19lb    2oz     Peg 28

4th       Paul Bishop             19lb    1oz     Peg 23


 Sunday 29th June 2014  (11 Fished)

 1st       Alex Murray           38lb  13oz     Peg 21

2nd       Dave Abrams          34lb  10oz     Peg 34

3rd       Kev Breaker            28lb  10oz     Peg 30

4th       Nigel Garrett           24lb   11oz     Peg 22


 Sunday 13th July 2014  (10 Fished)

 1st       Alex Murray           32lb    0oz     Peg 6

2nd       Phil Jenkins            20lb  14oz     Peg 14

3rd       Paul Bishop             10lb    7oz     Peg 5

4th       Dave Abrams          10lb    2oz     Peg 2


 Sunday 27th July 2014  (10 Fished)

 1st       Gary Critchell         28lb    8oz     Peg 28

2nd       Phil Jenkins             24lb    8oz     Peg 19

3rd       Gary Skarin             22lb    1oz     Peg 27

4th       Nigel Garrett           19lb    8oz     Peg 21


 Sunday 10th August 2014  (7 Fished)

 1st       Phil Jenkins             31lb    7oz     Peg 25

2nd       Nigel Garrett           30lb    5oz     Peg 28

3rd       Alex Murray            29lb    6oz     Peg 34


 Sunday 7th September 2014  (11 Fished)

 1st       Pete Barrett             23lb    2oz     Peg 5

2nd       Gary Dowding        13lb   12oz    Peg 10

3rd       Gary Skarin             13lb    2oz     Peg 2

4th       Jim Hayle                11lb   13oz    Peg 8


 Sunday 21st September 2014  (11 Fished)

 1st       Jim Hayle                25lb   12oz    Peg 18

2nd       Paul Bishop             15lb     0oz    Peg 28

3rd       Alex Murray            13lb    5oz     Peg 22

4th       Gary Skarin             10lb   11oz    Peg 19


 Sunday 5th October 2014  (6 Fished)

 1st       Gary Critchell         28lb   12oz     Peg 1

2nd       Nigel Garrett           26lb   14oz     Peg 9

3rd       Dave Abrams           17lb    0oz     Peg 5


  Sunday 19th October 2014  (9 Fished)

 1st       Paul Bishop              20lb    9oz    Peg 23

2nd      Gary Critchell           18lb   15oz    Peg 25

3rd       Phil Jenkins              18lb    2oz     Peg 28


 Sunday 2nd November 2014  (7 Fished)

 1st       Dave Abrams           16lb    1oz    Peg 27

2nd       Paul Bishop              15lb    4oz    Peg 24

3rd       Jim Hayle                 11lb   10oz    Peg 18


 Sunday 16th November 2014  (5 Fished)

 1st       Gary Critchell         18lb   14oz     Peg 28

2nd       Chris Rowland        16lb   14oz     Peg 34

3rd       Jim Hayle                14lb   14oz     Peg 32


 Sunday 7th December 2014 - Xmas Match  (10 Fished)

 1st       Alex Murray            22lb   3oz     Peg 27

2nd       Nigel Garrett           16lb  11oz     Peg 25

3rd       Jim Hayle                13lb    4oz     Peg 28



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