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Match Results 2017


Sunday 26th February 2017  (7 fished)

1st        Paul Bishop             12lb    0oz     Peg 27

2nd       Jim Hayle                  9lb  06oz     Peg 34

3rd       Andy Dowton            8lb  10oz     Peg 36


Sunday 12th March 2017  (6 fished)

1st        Gary Critchell          16lb    0oz     Peg 28 (4 Bream)

2nd       Jim Hayle                 12lb  08oz     Peg 32

3rd       Paul Bishop                9lb  06oz     Peg 36


Sunday 26th March 2017  (7 fished)

1st        Paul Bishop             12lb  03oz     Peg 27

2nd       Jim Hayle                11lb  07oz     Peg 34

3rd       D Hodder                   8lb  05oz     Peg 30


Sunday 9th April 2017  (8 fished)

1st        G Smalley               15lb   12oz     Peg 27

2nd       D Hodder                12lb   15oz     Peg 19

3rd       G Critchell               11lb    0oz     Peg 24


Sunday 23rd April 2017  (9 fished)

1st        D Hodder                17lb   03oz     Peg 34

2nd       G Critchell              16lb   07oz     Peg 32

3rd       N Garrett                 13lb   07oz     Peg 24


Sunday 7th May 2017  (10 fished)

1st        A Murrey                19lb   05oz     Peg 30

2nd       A Dowton               16lb   01oz     Peg 24

3rd       D Hodder                 12lb  10oz     Peg 28


Sunday 21st May 2017  (8 fished)

1st        A Dowton               20lb   01oz     Peg 9

2nd       C Rowland              15lb   07oz     Peg 12

3rd       J Hayle                     15lb    0oz     Peg 13


Sunday 4th June 2017  (8 fished)

1st        D Hodder                15lb   03oz     Peg 30

2nd       A Dowton               11lb   13oz     Peg 27

3rd       P Hutton                  11lb   06oz     Peg 24


Sunday 18th June 2017  (7 fished)

1st        D Hodder                13lb   13oz     Peg 5

2nd       J McNiven                8lb   09oz     Peg 6

3rd       J Hayle                      7lb   15oz     Peg 13 

Sunday 2nd July 2017  (6 fished)

1st        D Hodder                31lb   04oz     Peg 34

2nd       G Smalley               20lb   10oz     Peg 30

3rd       G Skarin                  15lb   02oz     Peg 32


Sunday 23rd July 2017  (7 fished)

1st        D Hodder                31lb   04oz     Peg 36

2nd       P Barrett                 22lb     0oz     Peg 27

3rd       G Smalley               19lb   10oz     Peg 28


Sunday 6th August 2017  (6 fished)

1st        D Hodder                47lb   07oz     Peg 5

2nd       B Preston                38lb   09oz     Peg 7

3rd       G Smalley               20lb   10oz     Peg 12


Sunday 20th August 2017  (6 fished)

1st        D Hodder                33lb   02oz     Peg 27

2nd       P Barrett                 22lb   13oz     Peg 36


Sunday 3rd September 2017  (4 fished)

1st        G Smalley               15lb   13oz     Peg 27

2nd       J Hayle                      7lb   13oz     Peg 28


Sunday 17th September 2017  (5 fished)

1st        D Hodder                24lb   13oz     Peg 10

2nd       J Hayle                    19lb   13oz     Peg 9

3rd       P Bishop                  13lb   01oz     Peg 7


Sunday 1st October 2017  (4 fished)

1st        J Hayle                    23lb   03oz     Peg 27

2nd       D Hodder                15lb   06oz     Peg 32


Sunday 15th October 2017  (5 fished)

1st        G Critchell               16lb    00oz     Peg 28

2nd       P Barrett                   15lb    01oz     Peg 32

3rd       J Hayle                      13lb   15oz     Peg 27


Sunday 29th October 2017  (6 fished)

1st        D Hodder                18lb    04oz     Peg 28

2nd       J Hayle                    16lb    09oz     Peg 36

3rd       G Smalley                13lb    09oz     Peg 34


Sunday 26th November 2017  (6 fished)

1st        A Murray                17lb   04oz     Peg 34

2nd       N Garrett                15lb   15oz     Peg 30


 Sunday 3rd December 2017 - Xmas Match  (7 fished)

1st        N Garrett                 14lb   08oz     Peg 36

2nd       G Critchell              12lb   12oz     Peg 34

3rd       A Murray                 10lb   07oz     Peg 28



Sherborne Lake Closed - 24/03/20
Due to the restrictions put into place by Boris Johnson, Sherborne Castle Estate is Closed to the Public. This means that Sherborne Lake is closed for fishing to all Anglers. We hope you will all understand and thank you for your co-operation.