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1. The association shall be known as the Yeovil and Sherborne Angling Association.

 2. The purpose of the association is :-

 a) To provide freshwater angling for trout and coarse fish within the local area. To obtain fishing rights where possible in local rivers and still waters and where it is not possible to obtain leases for such fishing to negotiate for rented or other permission for members to fish.

b) It shall be the purpose of the Association wherever possible to maintain existing fish stocks, or subject to the land owners consent and Environment Agency (EA) byelaws, to improve them by restocking.

3. Membership

a) Membership of the Association shall be open to members of the public and shall be secured by payment of an annual subscription.

b) The rates of subscription shall be decided at the AGM on the recommendation of the committee.

c) Membership of the Association does not confer the right to fish in Sherborne Lake, for which membership of the Lake Section is necessary.

d) All members must hold the appropriate EA Rod Licence subject to EA byelaws.

e) Life Membership maybe conferred upon members by the Annual General Meeting on recommendation by the Committee, where it is considered that a particular member has performed an exceptional service to, or on behalf of the Association. The number of life members shall not exceed 10 at any one time.

f) There shall be no restriction on members belonging to other angling bodies.

g) Junior membership to be available to those under the age of 16 years.

h) The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership.

i) Where a member is in breach of the Association Rules the matter shall be considered by the Committee who shall decide whether or not disciplinary action should be taken. The defaulting member shall be invited to attend any disciplinary hearing and may be represented. Where a member fails to appear before the Committee any decision shall be communicated to the member within 7 days of the hearing.

j) Members shall have the right to appeal to the AGM, notice of appeal to be lodged three weeks prior to the date of the AGM.

k) Any member or visitor who, whilst fishing or going to or from the river, leaves the gates open or wilfully damages growing crops or woods shall pay for the damage thereby incurred and be liable to lose their membership.

l) Members will not enter any field adjoining the river which is laid up for hay from 15 May until the grass is cut.

m) No dogs are permitted.

n) Guns are prohibited.

o) Trout Fishing from 1st April to 30th September.

p) Trout under 12 inches to be returned to the water. No more than two Trout to be retained in any one day.

q) All coarse fish to be returned to the water.

r) Bailiffs and the Committee have the right to search.

s) Members must produce licence on request by owners and their representatives.




1.  Members must NOT enter the castle grounds BEFORE 6am. Anglers can only fish the ‘END OF WOOD TO END OF LAKE’ area. For other areas anglers must not leave the car park before 8am. Members must leave the grounds by 9.00pm or when dark, whichever comes first (Entrance gates locked at 9.00pm). Use Right hand fork for entry & exit at all times. Check Website prior to fishing as Entry/Exit times could change.

2.  See Map or Click on “Maps” Tab for parking arrangements. If fishing the Lawns/Pegs 42-74 Cars and all other means of transport must be left at the bottom end of the car park. They will be parked with their radiators facing the centre road. If Fishing the end of wood section (Pegs 1-41) park by the cattle grid with car radiator facing the road. Vehicles must NOT cross the cattle grid.

3.  The access to all areas is by walking. CARS WILL NOT BE USED FOR TAKING TACKLE TO THE FAR END OF THE LAKE.

4.  Members will receive a new car disc each year with their licence. This is to be CLEARLY DISPLAYED in the windscreen. Any Angler failing to display their disc clearly could forfeit their days fishing.

5.  Members will not take families or dogs when fishing. One non-fishing guest may be taken when fishing area “END OF WOOD TO END OF LAKE”. Member and guest will not walk about. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult member and must fish in the adjacent swim.

6.  Adult members are allowed to take 2 guests only per duration of this licence.

7.  Members will leave their swims clean and tidy.

8.  Swims may not be reserved.

9.  The Parking & Fishing areas are shown on the maps attached.

10. The use of the permit is not a pass to walk the castle grounds

11. Do Not enter Castle Grounds if you are not Fishing.

12. The “EAST LAWN”  and the Main Castle Grounds from iron entrance gate to “shallows, Lawns etc” to “End of Woods” is STRICTLY OUT OF BOUNDS. See Map.

13. Anglers are not permitted to go beyond pages 1 and 74 to gain access to the other side.

14. Fishing from permanent pegs only, but from 1st November to the end of the season (14th March), the non-pegged section from the “Iron Entrance Gate” to “THE WATERFALL” (The Shallows) may be fished. No fresh swims will be cut by anglers in any area.

15. The Shallows must not be fished when in flood.

16. Members are forbidden to sell fish or eels caught from Association waters.

17. Any member lending or refusing to show their permit or violating any existing Acts of Parliament for the preservation of fish or birds or any infringement of these rules, will forfeit their membership.


19. Particle baits, e.g. Sweet Corn, Hemp, Tares, Boilies, Pellets etc may be used with the EXCEPTION of ALL TYPES of NUTS. (No Tins).

20. All Fish to be returned to the lake.

21. No fish in spawn to be put in keepnets.

22. The Committee reserves the right to impose a keepnet restriction at their discretion. Details will be posted on our website, the lake notice board at the end of woods car park and the entrance gate to the shallows and lawns.

23. Match and pleasure anglers, please note that two keepnets, one for Bream and one for silver fish, must be used at all times.

24. A Maximum of three rods may be used for fishing from the same peg and within the confines of the swim providing the necessary EA licences are held.

25. The use of  Bait Boats is prohibited.

26. No publicity on any Association waters without prior Committee consent.

27. The Pike season is from 1st October to the 14th March.

28. Pike fishing is allowed, either spinning or dead baits, Coarse fish or Trout will not be used as bait.

29. When fishing for Pike semi barbless hooks, wire traces, minimum of 10lb breaking strain line, minimum of 36inch landing nets. No gags allowed.

30. Pike anglers must use unhooking mats on the platforms.

31. Wire traces must be used at all times when lure fishing for Pike or Perch.


· The parking arrangements must be adhered to at all times.

· Strictly no tackle to be dropped off at swims.

. Anglers must not contact the estate directly with any angling/estate issues but to contact Y&SAA in the first instance.

· Any member living outside a 15 miles radius of Yeovil and Sherborne shall be deemed to be an associate member and thus cannot vote at the AGM.

· The licence must be carried at all times when fishing club waters.

.  Please see on our Website Page for the Sherborne Castle Estate Risk Assessment.

. In the Event of High Winds (40mph+) Sherborne Lake will be Closed to All Anglers. Do Not Fish that Day if High Winds are Forecast.

· Guest tickets cost £6.00 and are available from the Membership Secretary (contact details in the licence).  Guest tickets and licences can be validated and must be paid for prior to the day of fishing. MEMBERS MUST FISH ON THE ADJACENT PEG TO THEIR GUEST. Guest tickets are only available between 16th June and 14th March.


To Safe guard our fish stock and reduce the risk of transferring disease from one water to another, the most effective way of counteracting  this is to ensure all nets, weigh slings, unhooking mats, Boots and Clothing etc are completely dry before use. All anglers fishing our waters must comply with this so that we can keep the spread of disease to a minimum.


Blue-Green Algae.                                                                                                                                                  Ticks in Grass can carry Lyme Disease.                                                                                                            Fishing Banks and Water can carry Weil’s Disease.                                                                                        Discarded Line Kills Wildlife and can result in fishing rights being revoked.



- 11/01/22
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